When You Were Born


Unlocking the cage of my womb
When he set you free
You fluttered like a caged bird
And played the ‘first cry’ impromptu
Before I could hold you in my arms
You lay there, like a wrapped chocolate bar

Your big eyes staring at me in fright;
the only organ, I thought, you inherited from your mother
Your sharp, bright-pink tongue sticking out;
Was a sign of an eloquent orator you’d be
Your loud, shrill cries; echoed of your father’s voice
It’s confusing sometimes, who you resemble the most
For I remember ‘the womb talks’,
Narrating in detail, our family tree
I must have sung praises in your father’s name
Because you stole his infectious smile.
His high impressive forehead,
And a ‘gifted’ temper tantrum.

I go back in time,
when you were in my womb
Holding you tight,
dancing like no one’s watching ‘us’
Today, when I see you tap your feet,
On hearing a beat in the music;
You remind me of ‘me’
All the times you stumble and rise instantly
Don’t sob, don’t complain
You remind me of ‘me’
When you battle those dramatic mood swings
You remind me of ‘me’

Whenever you refuse to retire after a tiring game,
Asking me to assign you a new task.
Whenever you maturely walk the garden;
With your observant eye, taking in every detail
Whenever you grab the confidence to say ‘Hi’ to the unknown
Compelling even a shy person to return your smile
Whenever you look impeccably beautiful
That beauty tells us: you are ‘you’
Be you, be 'you'nique forever..!


Hemant Gairola said...

Beautiful, Sonali! Hoping you write more frequently!

darshan G S said...

I am really amazed to read this,you have phrased it perfectly !!'

Mayuri Vilas said...

I'm mesmerized by ur writing skills sonali. Heart touching poem by a beautiful mom indeed!!

Rachel D'costa said...


Rachel D'costa said...